8 Awesome Roof Top Tents That Make Camping a Breeze

Camping from a roof top tent provides a great vantage point, and by sleeping off the ground you'll have less to worry about when it comes to bugs and critters entering your tent. Best of all, because these tents can... Read more >

What to Do If You're Attacked By a Dog, According to a Former Navy SEAL

Hopefully, you’ll never be in a situation where you have to use these tips, but they might just come in handy to help you handle a dog attack. In this Business Insider video, a former Navy SEAL tells you what... Read more >

We are excited to announce that Dark Angel Survival is rebranding!

We are excited to announce that Dark Angel Survival is rebranding! Our new name is Stealth Angel Survival. This name change is part of our deliberate strategy targeted to emphasize the strength of our survival products. What it means for... Read more >

How Many People Do You Think Can Fit In The World's Biggest Buildings?

How big would the building have to be to be able to fit all 7.4 billion people on earth? If you just think of other structures and do some math to figure out how many people can fit in them,... Read more >

How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF In America

If you are like most people, you have contemplated a SHTF ("S**t Hits The Fan") scenario unfolding in the coming months, years or decades. It really does seem like the world is collapsing day-by-day. Things could unravel to the point... Read more >

How To Open a Can With a Metal Spoon

This week’s video comes from Full Spectrum Survival. If you have a metal spoon, you can get a can open by rubbing the edge of the spoon against a crease in the can until it breaks open. Watch the video below... Read more >

40 Amazing Uses of Paracord Bracelets for Survival

Secure a tent Secure a tarp between trees Hang tools from your belt Hang tools from around your neck Secure things to the outside of your backpack Make a tourniquet Secure a splint Make a sling for your arm Make... Read more >

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