How To Survive Civil Unrest, Looters & Riots When SHTF In America

If you are like most people, you have contemplated a SHTF ("S**t Hits The Fan") scenario unfolding in the coming months, years or decades. It really does seem like the world is collapsing day-by-day. Things could unravel to the point... Read more >

How To Open a Can With a Metal Spoon

This week’s video comes from Full Spectrum Survival. If you have a metal spoon, you can get a can open by rubbing the edge of the spoon against a crease in the can until it breaks open. Watch the video below... Read more >

40 Amazing Uses of Paracord Bracelets for Survival

Secure a tent Secure a tarp between trees Hang tools from your belt Hang tools from around your neck Secure things to the outside of your backpack Make a tourniquet Secure a splint Make a sling for your arm Make... Read more >

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