Reserving food is very important in getting yourself prepared. Your crops can get spoilt due to a disaster, irrespective of your knowledge and skills. There is every possibility that you can get over whatever damaged caused, but it is in your best interest to always have enough foods reserved while you plant and expect the next harvest season.

People pay a lot of attention to reserving bags of grains such as rice etc. that contain a large percentage of carbohydrate. Some also make use of home preservation methods such as canning and dehydration. Although, you cannot underestimate the quality of canned goods bought from good old shops. The goods can be cheap, nutritious and have a long shelf life. Below are few best canned foods for you:






Great Value Beef Stew:
It is a fully cooked 20 oz canned potatoes, meats and carrots from the WalMart staple. You can also choose to eat it cold without a microwave if you have to. It is sold at an affordable rate. You can get it with less than two bucks. It may not be the most fantastic stew in the world, but it sure makes a great deal. You can also add seasonings to make the greens have a better taste; this doesn’t mean it is not super nutritious already. You can get all the fats, energy and protein you want from it.

Hormel Spam:
Of course, Hormel Spam is produced from nutritious and very good meat. Unlike some other refined meat products, Spam is a sliced pork ham and shoulder and it is not mechanically extracted. It is fantastically nutritious for you when in need of survival. It is also cheap and priced at a reasonable rate. You can consume your Hormel Spam fried or grilled. It is indeed versatile.

Great Value Chunk Chicken Breast: This usually comes with some special offers on a two pack, and it is sold in 12.5 oz cans at WalMart. Chunk Chicken Breast is a canned fully cooked rib meat and diced chicken breast. There so many ways you can make use of your Chunk Chicken Breast. You can use it in improving your salad as it is edible already and you can also choose to add them to your curry, stews or soup. It contains a large percentage of protein and the tin water has enough chicken flavour to give a great taste and aroma.

Hormel Chili with Beans: This is another tasty and fantastic canned food. It sold in a 15 oz or 38 oz cans. It is really fantastic and comes does not cost you more than a dime and an ounce. You can choose to consume your Hormel Chili directly from the can or add it to your food such as pasta, rice or beans. It contains a measured amount of protein, energy and fibre.

Kirkland Roast Beef in Beef Broth:
This is way more expensive than the Great value stew. Though you can just get cooked chunks of premium beef. You can get two dozens 12 oz cans at a rate of about $90 at CostCo. You can choose to eat it cold. Although it is more useful as an ingredient in making stew and some other dishes. It simply has enough fat to flavour your stew and dishes.



Baked Beans:
They are fantastic for breakfast. They can be used to add flavour to your chilli, soup and stew. They contain a large percentage of fibre and protein. It tastier when you perk them up with other seasonings you love. You have no reason not to store some of them up in your shelves as most grocery stores offer economy brands at affordable rates.

Canned Tuna in oil: Tuna is really fantastic and has a great taste. It can be used in so many ways such as soups, pasta sauces and even tuna salads. It has a high percentage of fatty acids and protein. You can choose to buy tuna olive oil as it is more efficient in preserving the nutrients in the fish and prolong the expiry of the product. Starkist is a reliable brand that you can get all over. Though any brand of tuna is okay for you. Instead of buying a fancy seasoned, it is better to buy a plain old fish to save money. You need not pay an extra $1 for a 5 oz can.

Diced tomatoes: Instead of buying tomato sauce, you can preferably buy diced tomatoes. Tomatoes can easily turned into sauce with little efforts forcing them through a sieve or by the use of blenders, but it is impossible to turn sauce back into tomato chunks. You can practically add your sauce to anything as they are really versatile. Although they are not that nutritious, but you would really enjoy your cooking with tomatoes.

Green Beans: It can be quite difficult to find greens in winter. The only easiest way you can get greens in winter is canning some when there is enough on ground. That’s how you can make some greens available for yourself through the winter period. Your simple solutions are green beans. You can get them at a cheap rate and you can make use of them in several ways. You can use them in making salads or in making soup and stew. You can get a 14.5 oz can of green beans for just 68 cents at WalMart.

Corn: it can take you a lot of time and effort in growing and storing corn in cans. And just four 15 oz cans of corn does not cost up to $3. Just as green beans, corn is also very versatile and you can make use of them in several ways such as making chills and salad.

Although canned foods are highly durable, you should also endeavour to store them appropriately to extend their durability. This is paramount to making your canned foods last longer. However, inappropriate storage can result in the shortening of the lasting life of the product and sometimes lead to poisoning of food.

Make sure you check the cans before storing them and in a case of any damage, dispose the appropriately. Do not use an open or exposed canned product. The best place you can store your canned products is in a cool dry place with no hot or freezing temperature.

How long can you store your canned goods?

  • You cannot store your meat, fish and other fatty acid foods such as vegetables for more than 3 years.
  • Your foods containing high acids can be stored for not more than 2 years.
  • Store your fruit juice for just a year.

Make sure you keep your stockpile as fresh as possible by simply storing your new cans at the back and periodically rotating your stockpile.

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