Heres Why You ABSOLUTELY NEED A Bug-Out Bag

What does it mean to ‘bug-out’? It means to get off the grid. To leave your home, or even city, and escape a dangerous situation while things cool down. To some, a true bug-out situation conjures near-apocalyptic visions, while others might bug-out after a big storm, loss of electricity, or even due to feeling threatened by crime or a stalker. Regardless, any bug-out situation requires just one thing: a bug-out bag.

Heading For The Hills

Ask anyone who prepares for disasters, emergencies, outbreaks, or even war -- and they’ll all tell you the same thing. They’ve got a bug-out bag, in an easily reachable place, for when they need to grab it and run out the door at a moment’s notice.

After all, when you stop and think about it, that’s really the nature of emergencies, isn’t it? You never know when you’ll need to drop everything and get out, FAST. In those moments, you can’t be rummaging through drawers, checking boxes off a list, or twiddling your thumbs while wondering what else you need. In a true bug-out situation, you have to evacuate your current location and get to a safe zone immediately.

In those moments, every second is precious. Having a pre-packed bag with the essentials to keep you alive and in relative comfort for at least 72 hours can mean the difference between survival and succumbing to the threat -- whatever it may be. That’s the philosophy behind a bug-out bag: pre-pack what’s needed, so that when the alarm sounds, literally all you need to do is grab the bag and run.

The Makings Of A Perfect Bug-Out Bag

Now that you know what a bug-out bag is, you might be wondering what goes inside of it. There’s many approaches to making a bug-out bag: some enthusiasts might enjoy collecting and assembling each component themselves, while others prefer a curated option so that they can feel confident they didn’t miss anything.

Stealth Angel offers several different options that function extremely well as a bug-out bag. Some common denominators in each kit include the following:

  • A good backpack - The bag itself can’t be some flimsy piece of junk, nor can it be something unwieldy like a box. It should be a resilient backpack-style bag that can be slung on your back and worn even in situations where you might have to physically run and hide.
  • Fire starting materials - In a true bug-out situation, you will need fire for warmth, cooking, sanitation, and morale. Without fire, you are in serious trouble. If you’ve ever fumbled with inadequate materials trying to start a fire in the wet or cold, you know how important this is.
  • Escape bivy or emergency blanket - Shelter is another critical bug-out requirement. Whether it’s a full-blown tent, a bivy sack, or just an emergency blanket that can be used to construct a makeshift shelter, having protection from the elements is absolutely critical.
  • Flashlight and multi-tool - From cutting cloth or wood to opening cans or suturing wounds, you need to have some good-quality tools on hand in a bug-out situation to assist yourself and the people you’re protecting. Failure to have these items will result in potential tragedy.

Nobody expects that disaster is just around the corner. Nobody wants, or plans, to have to bug-out anytime in their immediate future. Yet, these moments can and do arrive, even though we always think it happens to “somebody else.”

Be prepared. Order a bug-out bag from Stealth Angel, and you’ll have invested a few bucks and 5 minutes of your life on a crucial insurance policy that you’ll be glad you have, should you ever need to bug-out yourself.

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