The Top 5 Snow & Ice Survival Hacks

Whether you live in a climate that gets snow and ice during the winter, or you plan to visit an area that has temperatures that drop below freezing: it’s important to internalize basic safety tips about snow and ice survival. Having a... Read more >

The 4 Things Every Good Campsite Has

  Ready to spend the night out in nature? Not so fast - there are common mistakes that inexperienced campers make which lead to an uncomfortable night at best… or at worst, a seriously dangerous situation. By taking the time... Read more >

The 11 Most Important Items When You're Lost

Alone. Afraid. Stranded. It doesn't take too much imagination to quickly realize that being lost in difficult or unfamiliar surroundings is no joke. Whether it's a camping trip gone wrong, a hike that took a wrong turn, or even disorientation... Read more >

How To Stay Warm When Trapped Outside In The Cold

If you’re in the great outdoors, whether by choice or by circumstance, one of the biggest threats to your safety is the cold and chill of nightfall. Don’t think that the summer months prevent this problem, either: depending on where... Read more >

3 Tips To Start A Fire In An Emergency

  Think fast: in a truly bad survival situation -- like sudden war outbreak, being totally lost in the backcountry, or a major disease epidemic -- the ability to start a fire might be the most important in order to... Read more >

5 Rules That Will Help You Keep Your Cool In An Emergency

  Emergencies, disasters, chaos, tragedy, accidents… these are terrible scenarios that nobody wants to spend much time thinking about. Instead, we simply hope they never happen to us, although the chances are strong that we’ll be faced with some difficult... Read more >

Which Plants Are Edible In A Survival Situation?

Hopefully, your careful approach to outdoor excursions will never put you in the position of being lost and without any food. However, difficult situations occasionally happen to even the most seasoned outdoorspeople -- and it’s only prudent to have a... Read more >

Here’s Why You ABSOLUTELY NEED A ‘Bug-Out’ Bag

What does it mean to ‘bug-out’? It means to get off the grid. To leave your home, or even city, and escape a dangerous situation while things cool down. To some, a true bug-out situation conjures near-apocalyptic visions, while others... Read more >

Staying Safe In A Volcanic Eruption

This week, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano began erupting in an awe-inspiring, frightening display of nature’s raw power. While volcanic eruptions can be beautiful displays of the natural world, they also pose a real threat for those who are caught in the... Read more >

8 Mistakes You're Making In An Emergency (you're probably guilty of #8)

When emergencies happen -- and they do -- you want to make sure that you and your family emerge unscathed. How you fare when disaster strikes will largely depend on your knowledge and preparation beforehand. Whatever you do, don’t fall... Read more >

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