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LW2 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

LW2 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

Imagine yourself in the dark, trying to set up a tent while holding a flashlight in one hand. Difficult? Very. Or what about going for a night run or fixing...
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Imagine yourself in the dark, trying to set up a tent while holding a flashlight in one hand. Difficult? Very. Or what about going for a night run or fixing your car on the side of the road after sunset? Keeping your hands free while lighting the trail on your next outdoor adventure is convenient but could actually be lifesaving in certain dire situations. And while that flashlight duct-taped to your head might be a budget-friendly solution, there are much better options. When you’re out on the trail at night, whether you planned to be or not, a headlamp can become the most important part of your kit. You could have the best backpack or the best hiking boots but, without a headlamp, you might be better off staying home. So whether you’re in the backcountry or simply under the kitchen sink, a hands-free lighting solution is an essential piece of gear that everyone should own. And the LW2 High Power Headlamp from Stealth Angel Survival provides pro-level features for pro-level activity, all in an ultra-compact design. It’s the affordable, lightweight, and surprisingly powerful headlamp that always gets the job done, regardless of the situation. Take control of your lighting today, with 8 different modes that let you see and be seen.

So easy to use, anyone can do it

With the LW2 High Power Headlamp, a single, easy-to-press button makes it simple to cycle through brightness levels, which we set at the perfect increments for everything from packing bear canisters in predawn darkness to hauling water from a lake for dinner dishes. With 8000 combined lumens of ultra-bright torchlight, the LW2 is one of the brightest beams from a headlamp you can get without needing a separate battery pack. But we didn’t stop there. The whole point of a headlamp is to have a hands-free lighting solution for any situation. And we took hands-free very literally. That’s why the LW2 also has a market-leading intelligent sensor mode which allows you to turn the headlamp on and off with the simple wave of a hand. And if you’ve ever tried to turn a headlamp on while wearing gloves, you know how valuable this feature can be. 

No AAAs, no problem

The LW2 High Power Headlamp by Stealth Angel Survival comes preloaded with a superlight lithium-ion battery that pumps out usable light in the darkest situations. Between trips and uses, plug the battery into a wall, computer, or power bank via its integrated USB port to keep the lamp fully juiced so you’re always leaving the trailhead at 100 percent. Back-to-back hikes on the schedule? No problem! Simply refresh the battery in your car in the time it takes to drive to the next trailhead. 

Built to thrive in any situation

When we designed the LW2 we realized that many headlamps weren’t versatile enough for use in all situations. A product that worked great at a dark camp wasn’t useful while biking at night. And many that were great for at-home use, couldn’t get the job done when out hiking or hunting. Why should you need two or more headlamps for different situations? Hint: you shouldn’t. So, we made one that’s perfect for any situation. First, the LW2 has a spot and flood light mode meaning you can get an ultra-concentrated, high-power beam when needed, or switch modes for a flood light that covers more area (up to 230 degrees). And unlike a lot of other wide beam options, the LW2 offers up to 1500 lumens meaning that the wide beam is actually bright enough to make the entire area visible. The wide beam also features a COB white light to see the most detail and color and COB yellow light to see at relatively dim settings. But we didn’t stop there. You can also adjust the beam angle of the spotlight for yet another level of visibility. Altogether, the LW2 has 8 lighting modes to ensure you have the proper lighting to get the job done and keep you safe in any situation.

Enhanced durability so you can focus on what matters

When you’re in a sticky situation, you need to stay focused on getting the job done – not whether or not your gear is going to fail. The LW2 ensures that’s the case. We rounded out its features with an IPX4 rating to keep it safe from rain and splashes and made sure it was extremely durable with an impact resistance rating of 1 meter. If it falls off your head for any reason, you can put it back on and get back to work. So don't let the night slow you down. The LW2 High Power Headlamp is the ideal companion to extend your outdoor and dimly lit activities whether you're in the mountains, in an emergency, or just reading a book.

Product Features & Technical Specs

Best Use: Camping, Backpacking

Bulb Type: XPE LED + COB LED

Bulb Detail: 2 white / 1 yellow

Red Light Mode: No

Beam Type: Flood / Spot

Max Light Output (Lumens): 1000 lumens (the image says 1000, the product features section says 8000, and the telegram message says 1500)

Max Beam Distance (m): 100 meters

Brightness Levels: 4 modes I’m not sure if this is accurate based on the images

Strobe: Yes

Average Run Time: High: 2.5; low: 200 hours (made these up, need to update)

Rechargeability: Rechargeable 

Battery: 3.7V / 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX4

Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.2 inches (used LW1 dimensions)

Weight: 2.9 ounces (used LW1 weight)

Kit includes: 1 headlamp, 1 Type-C Cable, 1 headband, 4 clips & 1 User’s Guide

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