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LW1 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

LW1 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

A trusty headlamp is one of the most vital pieces of gear you’ll own. Being stuck in the wilderness at night is a challenge; being in that situation without a...
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A trusty headlamp is one of the most vital pieces of gear you’ll own. Being stuck in the wilderness at night is a challenge; being in that situation without a headlamp is a nightmare. These important tools help to lengthen your days outside, allowing you to have fun after dark and see places you couldn’t otherwise. And they serve as a safety net in case something goes awry. That’s why picking the right one is critical. 

But selecting the right headlamp isn’t always easy. That’s why we spent months developing our new line of LW High Power Headlamps to fit the needs of our various customers. A flashlight will do in some situations, but in many cases, you need access to both of your hands. This is especially true while camping, spending time outdoors at night, or during an emergency situation. That’s where a headlamp comes in handy. So, whether you’re spending a lot of time in the wilderness, live in an urban environment, or need some hands-free lighting for work, it’s important to have a trustworthy headlamp that’s reliable and accessible whenever you need it.

High in value and performance

The LW1 Headlamp is high in value and performance, with 8000 combined lumens of ultra-bright torchlight, a long-lasting and reliable rechargeable battery with consistent performance across its burn time, and simple operation. It’s a sunset-to-sunrise standby, reliably providing light when needed. 

The lumens are plenty for technical outings where seeing detail at a distance is crucial. And we made it more versatile than ever before, with 8 lighting modes (including 2 red light modes) that are extremely easy to toggle through to dim the light to the exact brightness you want. But we didn’t stop there. Our team spends a lot of time outdoors and wanted something even more versatile than anything else on the market. So, we also added a Sports Sensor Mode. Giving the LW1 the latest advanced gesture sport sensor function means you can turn the headlamp on and off with a simple wave. Because sometimes you need two hands at a moment’s notice and can’t stop to toggle your device on or off. These innovative touches are user-friendly and intuitive, while also saving battery life.

Lighting capabilities for virtually any situation

The LW1 has two beams that put out light either in proximity (a wide dim beam) or in spot form (a narrow bright beam). The power button serves as an easy switch between the LW1’s 8 lighting modes, helping to keep weight down without sacrificing functionality. The headlamp also has a red light for preserving night vision and an easy-to-read battery-life indicator so you know exactly when you need to recharge. And we didn’t want anyone having to carry around extra batteries so we equipped it with a simple DC adapter plug for quick and easy recharging.

Ready for anything you (or nature) throw at it

The LW1 High Power Headlamp has a tough, IPX4 waterproof rating meaning the lamp will work through heavy rain. In other words, precipitation and spills are no match for it. It’s also made from heavy-duty silicone so it’s ultra durable and won’t break when dropped or smushed into a bag. The headlamp is designed for comfort with an adjustable elastic strap and lightweight construction, making it easy to wear for extended periods. Plus, this means it can fit virtually any size head and even over helmets making it useful outdoors, on construction sites, for exploring caves, and more.

The next generation of headlamp technology

Stealth Angel Survival has been a leading developer of outdoor and urban survival gear for years now and our innovative headlamp advancements are a perfect case in point. Even if you already have a headlamp, it’s time to upgrade to the professional grade LW1 High Power Headlamp from Stealth Angel Survival and take your outdoor adventures to the next level. With its powerful beam, versatile modes, impressive battery life, and comfortable design, you can explore the outdoors with confidence and stay safe and see well in any low-light situation. 

Product Features

  • Best Use: Camping, Backpacking

    Bulb Type: XPE LED + COB LED

    Bulb Detail: 2 white / 1 red

    Red Light Mode: Yes

    Beam Type: Flood / Spot

    Max Light Output (Lumens): 8000 lumens

    Max Beam Distance (m): 100 meters

    Brightness Levels: 8 modes

    Strobe: Yes

    Average Run Time: High: 2.5; low: 200 hours

    Rechargeability: Rechargeable

    Battery: Not sure

    Water-Resistance Rating: IPX4

    Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.2 inches

    Weight: 2.9 ounces

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