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LW3 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

LW3 High Power Headlamp Stealth Angel Survival

If you’ve ever stumbled your way through thick brush or tried to put up a tent in the dark, then you know how critical headlamps are to your gear. Just...
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If you’ve ever stumbled your way through thick brush or tried to put up a tent in the dark, then you know how critical headlamps are to your gear. Just out for a day hike? No matter how prepared you are, there’s always a chance things could go awry and you could be faced with a trip that extends after sunset. And what if your car breaks down on the way home? Do you want to be checking the engine with a flashlight or would you rather have two free hands to get things fixed quickly? Whether you’re trying to sneak through the woods during turkey season, have an hours-long hike back to basecamp, or need to fix something under a dark sink, the best headlamps make navigating any terrain in the dark that much easier. And the LW3 High Power Headlamp is our top-of-line hands-free lighting solution designed to exceed your needs in any of these situations. 

Our most powerful hands-free lighting option

The LW3 High Power Headlamp is our most powerful and capable hands-free lighting solution. Our team of experts spent months designing this lighting tool to serve as many purposes as possible, and feedback so far suggests we accomplished that task! The LW3 features an industry-leading 10 different lighting modes, each designed to fit a specific use case. We accomplished this with 4 different light sources – an XPE LED spotlight plus a white, yellow, and red COB flood light. Together, these provide up to 1200 lumens of lighting power and a 230-degree viewing angle providing the ability to see more in countless situations. And the spotlight on the LW3 has an adjustable angle feature which enhances visibility in situations where you don’t want to blind your companions or need to accomplish a specific task. We wanted this headlamp to be easy to use so that you’re not fumbling through a user’s guide in a sticky situation which is why we gave it a single-button control to make it easy to navigate the headlamp’s settings. And we kept coming back to one thing during the design process – hands-free. So, we also added a Sports Sensor Mode. Giving the LW3 the latest advanced gesture sport sensor function means you can turn the headlamp on and off with a simple wave. This is especially useful in cold weather when you have gloves on and pushing buttons can be difficult. These innovative features are user-friendly and intuitive, while also saving battery life.

Outlast juice-guzzling gadgets with the rechargeable LW3

Despite what that Energizer bunny thinks, batteries won’t keep going and going indefinitely. Before you know it, you’re reaching for a tiny screwdriver to pry open the battery cover on your headlamp and possibly finding yourself in a dark situation. That’s why we equipped the LW3 High Power Headlamp with an innovative rechargeable battery setup – more versatile plus much less of a drain on your wallet and the environment. The LW3 comes equipped with a 1200 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which provides a generous 8 hours of run time on low mode and 2.5 hours on high mode. You can charge it in 2 hours with a Type C to USB charger (included) which is just enough time to make it from one trailhead to the next on your most adventurous days. And to ensure you never run out of power, we added a power indicator display so you know when the headlamp is charging, when it’s fully charged, and how much power is left throughout the night. The night is unforgiving if you don’t have a headlamp that’s charged and ready to go. You need one that actively helps you avoid that situation. 

Pushing the limits of what a headlamp is capable of

Your most committing outdoor adventures demand a headlamp that's up for the challenge. The LW3 High Power Headlamp, with its dialed-in and expansive features, is here to answer the call. Tested and developed by local guides and outdoor experts in tough conditions, the LW3 has evolved into a formidable headlamp for big objectives. It features an IPX4 waterproof rating ensuring it can handle unexpected downpours, and a 1-meter impact resistance rating so that accidents don’t result in a loss of light. Its silicone and elastic headband provides comfort and stability with a quick-adjust buckle that makes it perfect for heads of all sizes (adults and children) and even helmets. It’s also small enough to fit in a pocket during your travels. If you're planning (or just want to be prepared) to spend time in the dark, you need the comfort, durability, and capabilities of the LW3. 

Product Features & Technical Specs

Best Use: Camping, Backpacking

Bulb Type: XPE LED + COB LED

Bulb Detail: 2 white / 1 yellow / 1 red

Red Light Mode: Yes

Beam Type: Flood / Spot

Max Light Output (Lumens): 1200

Max Beam Distance (m): 100 meters

Brightness Levels: 10 modes 

Strobe: Yes

Average Run Time: High: 2.5; low: 8 hours (conflicting data in the text sent vs website)

Rechargeability: Rechargeable 

Battery: 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery 

Charging Time: 2 hours (conflicting data in the website images)

Water-Resistance Rating: IPX4

Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.2 inches (used LW1 dimensions)

Weight: 3.4 ounces

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