Stealth Angel Launches Adventurer Program Giveaway

Stealth Angel Survival August 01, 2018   Business News (PRLEAP.COM) Los Angeles, CA: Noted outdoor and preparedness equipment retailer Stealth Angel Survival is excited to announce the long-anticipated launch of its Adventurer Program, in which participating customers can win cash prizes on a... Read more >

5 Rules That Will Help You Keep Your Cool In An Emergency

  Emergencies, disasters, chaos, tragedy, accidents… these are terrible scenarios that nobody wants to spend much time thinking about. Instead, we simply hope they never happen to us, although the chances are strong that we’ll be faced with some difficult... Read more >

Pulling a Car With a Rope Made of Paper Towels

Nate of The King of Random crushed a viewer suggested challenge by pulling a car with a rope made entirely of paper towels. After surviving the first pull, the second round ended with the rope breaking.   Read more >

Which Plants Are Edible In A Survival Situation?

Hopefully, your careful approach to outdoor excursions will never put you in the position of being lost and without any food. However, difficult situations occasionally happen to even the most seasoned outdoorspeople -- and it’s only prudent to have a... Read more >

Here’s Why You ABSOLUTELY NEED A ‘Bug-Out’ Bag

What does it mean to ‘bug-out’? It means to get off the grid. To leave your home, or even city, and escape a dangerous situation while things cool down. To some, a true bug-out situation conjures near-apocalyptic visions, while others... Read more >

Staying Safe In A Volcanic Eruption

This week, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano began erupting in an awe-inspiring, frightening display of nature’s raw power. While volcanic eruptions can be beautiful displays of the natural world, they also pose a real threat for those who are caught in the... Read more >

8 Mistakes You're Making In An Emergency (you're probably guilty of #8)

When emergencies happen -- and they do -- you want to make sure that you and your family emerge unscathed. How you fare when disaster strikes will largely depend on your knowledge and preparation beforehand. Whatever you do, don’t fall... Read more >

3 Things To Remember In An Earthquake

For those of us who live in an earthquake-prone area, knowing what to do once the ground starts moving isn’t optional -- it’s required to stay safe during these scary events. Today, we’re going to simplify things and list out... Read more >

15 'Car Hacks' Every Drivers Needs To Know

Many people assume that you need to be some kind of auto mechanic (either literally or a hobbyist) to not only be as prepared as you need to be, but to keep your car in excellent working order. This couldn't... Read more >

8 Reasons The Stealth Angel Kit Is The #1 Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it can be tough to think of a gift for dad that he’ll actually enjoy and appreciate. When you give your father the gift of survivability and preparation, you show him the depth of your... Read more >

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