Surviving in the wilderness - no matter the time of year or location - depends more on wit than the gear you have in your backpack. But all survivalists still recommend assembling an emergency kit of tools to stay with you at all times in the wild. Why? Because if you happen to get injured or lost, the right gear can mean the difference between a comfortable night spent outside and a cold one—that’s why

Survival Tools To Save Your Life

Did you know that the average healthy adult can survive up to three weeks without eating food, but only three days without drinking water and three hours outside of their core body temperature? Knowing this, what to include in your survival kit can literally mean the difference between life and death. The good news is, you can greatly increase your chance of survival—if you have the right tools with you. 

Not sure which tools to pack for your next adventure? We’ve got your back! Keep reading to learn which survival tools every adventurer needs. 

Fire Starter

Starting a fire outdoors is one of the most important things you need to be able to do if you are to survive in the cold, cook yourself a meal, and fight off hungry predators. However, starting a fire can be tough. 

This is where a durable fire starter becomes the number one critical survival tool to have with you at all times. We love the Stealth Angel Arc Lighter because it doesn’t even require a flame. The powerful electric dual-arc plasma-based beam will instantly set material on fire, without having to cup your hand over a flickering flame or pray you have enough fuel left.  

Survival Knife/ Multi-Tool

Choosing the right survival knife, multi-tool, or a combo of the two is a pretty personal decision. Find a tool that has features well-aligned with your specific skills and the type of tasks you anticipate performing and is the right weight and size for your survival kit. 

Some individuals tend to feel safer knowing they have a knife in hand, while others prefer to stick to just a multi-tool that won’t attract attention. There are compact, machete-like blades that will help you chop firewood, and there are multi-tools packed with the essentials like scissors, a file, mini knife, and bottle opener. Whatever you choose, always be sure to keep it in your pack. 

Map And Compass

You shouldn’t ever rely solely on GPS when in a survival situation. You should also carry a local map and compass with you to help navigate your way back to safety. It’s good to have both a road map and a topographic map on you, just in case. These items are compact, lightweight, and easy to pack, so there is really no reason not to carry them with you in your survival kit. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a critical survival item that should be accessible at all times. When putting together your medical kit, think beyond band-aids and antibiotic ointment for scrapes and cuts, and be sure to include other items that can double as survival tools. For example, ACE bandages can serve a variety of purposes, splints for supporting fractures, gauze pads for larger wounds, steri-strips to help close wounds with uneven edges, and alcohol prep-pads that can be used for a variety of purposes.

You can save a lot of guesswork by purchasing a great first aid kit specifically designed for outdoor survival. We love the Stealth Angel Survival Field Medic First Aid Kit because it is packed with 36 first aid supplies and literally bursts at the seams with everything you may need in a survival situation, from tools like glass breakers and fire-starters to swabs, bandages, compresses, and more.   

Be sure to keep one of these kits in your pack at all times. It's also a good idea to purchase a separate first aid kit and keep it in your car, especially if you’re frequently car camping or rocking the van lifestyle. 

Emergency Survival Whistle

A powerful, loud whistle comes in handy for all sorts of wilderness applications. It is one of the most essential survival tools when you’re frequently going into the backcountry where people are few and far between—and wildlife is abundant. 

A loud whistle of at least 100 decibels will cut through ambient noise and travel great distances. Keep your whistle attached to your person—not just your pack—in case you get separated from your gear. 


Everyone from serious campers to the hobbits in The Lord of The Rings will expound on the importance of traveling with rope. But for the modern survivalist, paracord—which was invented in 1935 for military use—is the way to go. 

Paracord is made of lightweight, sturdy nylon and multiple strands of fiber and is incredibly useful as a survival tool. It can be used to repair gear and rig tarps, taken apart for sewing thread or fishing line, or even braided together to create a broader, stronger rope. 

A wearable survival rope, like the Stealth Angel Paracord Survival EDC Belt, gives you access to rope on your person at all times.

Water Filtration

Did you know that the average human can only survive three days without water? With that in mind, it goes without saying that water is of the utmost importance when it comes to survival. Not only should you always carry more water than what you think you’ll need for your hike, but it’s also smart to have some type of water filter on hand, too.

In a survival situation, you may need to collect and treat questionable water while you wait for help. You might also need to treat water so you will have it on hand for cleaning wounds, repairing gear, or cooking food. 

Flashlight / Headlamp

The only thing that is harder than being lost or trying to survive the unexpected is having to manage in the dark. Even if you are only planning a hike during the day, it is always wise to have your headlamp on hand, or at least a small pocket-size flashlight. 

You never know when you might lose track of your time and surroundings, which could cause you to spend an entire night out in the woods. Our eyes become pretty much useless at night so make sure you are prepared and always keep a headlamp or flashlight in your emergency survival kit. 

A Final Word

All in all, these are our eight survival tools that every adventurer should bring with them when they are out in the wilderness. It doesn’t matter if it is a short hike or a long one, you need to bring these essential survival tools with you. By carrying the right equipment, you will not just be able to take care of yourself in any survival situation but also help other hikers as well. 

When putting together your survival tools for your emergency kit, be sure to purchase from a top-notch company like Stealth Angel Survival—the leader in emergency preparedness kits, supplies, and survival products. Whether you are looking for survival tools, first aid kits, or bug-out-bags, Stealth Angel Survival has your back!


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