The Sealander camping trailer is pure awesomeness. The German company has created a trailer that acts as a houseboat and a trailer.

The only Sealander dealers located in North America are in canada, however we should be seeing them in the U.S. Soon!

The houseboat is made of fiberglass is super light at. It has a tow weight of 1,100 lbs which is great news anyone with a smaller car that wants to take advantage of this trailer/houseboat

The overall length is 13 feet

There is storage below those seats that can even be customized to include a toilet, a fridge, a sound system or even a grille for cooking. Other possible features are a stainless steel wash and cooking module, a gas cooker and a water tap.

Sealander uses a 5-horsepower outboard to motor around, so it only goes about 5 mph at full speed, but the motor is really only intended for getting you to your anchorage so you can enjoy the great outdoors.

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  • I love it, great Vedio, I would really like to know the price. A very great concept. Just what I need for me!

  • Hello I’m want know about camp boat "sealander2014 emotion SD price $ ?

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