Many individuals are paralyzed by the job of planning for an emergency because the truth of the matter is that it’s actually really hard to plan for the unknown! But stocking emergency food and supplies is a lot like buying insurance: Your household may never face a devastating natural disaster or pandemic—but if it does, and you are unable to get to a store, knowing what to stock up on for emergencies may prove priceless. 

So, if you've been procrastinating—perhaps while watching the latest news on the current pandemic that is sweeping over the globe—it’s time to get on it. In this article, we'll go over all the best emergency foods that you should be purchasing to keep in your storage. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

What To Always Keep In Your Pantry

These non-perishable food items have lengthy expiration dates, so you can stash them away for long periods of time, even if it’s not tornado or hurricane season. It's important to make a list of everything in your stockpile, and be sure to check expiration dates every six to twelve months to keep things fresh. And of course, don’t forget to have a nonelectrical can opener on hand at all times—all that food won’t be of any use if you can’t open it!

Canned Meat

You can buy tuna, chicken, salmon, and other great meat products, which are all canned. Spam—while being something that many people raise an eyebrow at—is an extremely nutritious meat product. Meat will undoubtedly be the hardest type of food to find during a crisis, so do yourself a favor and stock up well in advance. 

Peanut Butter

An absolutely great source of energy and a family favorite, peanut butter is chock-full of healthy fats and protein. Unless the jar happens to indicate otherwise, you don’t have to keep this item in the fridge after opening. 

Whole Wheat Crackers 

Crackers are an excellent replacement for bread and make a fine substitute when making little sandwiches. Due to their higher fat content, whole-grain or whole-wheat crackers tend to have a shorter shelf life than their plain salty counterparts (check the box for expiration dates), but the extra fiber pays off when you are particularly hungry. Consider vacuum-packing your whole-wheat crackers to prolong their freshness. 

Nuts And Trail Mixes

Be sure to stock up on these high-energy foods! Nuts and trail mixes are healthy and convenient for snacking during a tornado, ice storm, hurricane, or another emergency. Look for vacuum-packed containers, which will prevent the nuts from oxidizing and losing their freshness. 


Pasta is a versatile food item that is high in healthy carbohydrates and stores extremely well. You can make a ton of different dishes with pasta, from casseroles to Italian food and everything in between. 

Sugar, Salt, And Pepper

If you have access to a charcoal or propane stove, you may be doing some cooking. A basic supply of seasonings and sweeteners like sugar, salt, and pepper will improve the flavor of your food—both fresh and packaged. 


Cereal is another great food item to store in your emergency stockpile. Just be sure to choose multigrain cereals that are individually packaged, so they don’t become stale after opening. Nobody likes stale cereal!

Granola Bars And Power Bars

Filling and healthy, these portable snacks usually stay fresh for at least six months to a year. Plus, they are an excellent source of carbohydrates. 


Rice is another great source of healthy carbohydrates that will store really well. Buy the whole grain rice—not the quick rice. Quick rice may be easier to make, but it has a very limited shelf life.


There are many varieties of dried beans, all of which store incredibly well for long periods of time, are super simple to cook, nutritious, and one of the few non-meat sources of protein around. 

Dried Fruits

In the absence of fresh fruit, these healthy snacks offer dietary fiber and potassium. They are loaded with a significant amount of nutrients and calories, which are perfect for when a disaster strikes. 

Canned Veggies And Fruits

When the real deal isn’t an option, canned fruit and veggies can provide you with essential nutrients. Be sure not to throw the packing water away, as it will contain vitamins and minerals as well. Instead, use it for a tasty soup stock. 


Believe it or not, cheese is another great food item to store in case of an emergency. To store cheese properly, it needs to be triple dipped in wax to make an airtight seal. In this form, it can be kept without refrigeration for many, many years. Even if your cheese happens to form mold—it will only be on the surface. Simply cut the moldy part off, and the rest of the cheese is still good to eat. 

Powdered Milk

While most individuals don’t particularly like the flavor of powdered milk, it’s a good alternative when you don’t have any access to other milk. It’s also necessary for backing and provides needed calcium for proper bone growth. 


Your loved ones may have to get used to eating different things than what they are typically used to. Spices allow you to mask or add flavors to things that are commonly too bland. So be sure to stock up on the types of spices that your family likes so that you can make food that they will enjoy. 

Coffee And Tea

Okay, so coffee and tea may be more of a comfort item, but many of us don’t really function well before our first or second cup of joe in the morning. So be sure to stock up!

Sports Drinks

The carbohydrates and electrolytes found in these popular beverages will help you to rehydrate and replenish fluid when water is scarce. Just be sure your sports drink of choice doesn’t come with a long list of unhealthy additives, such as sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

Canned Chili And Soups

Chili and soups can be eaten straight out of the can and provide a wide variety of healthy body-nourishing nutrients. Look for low-sodium options. 

A Final Word

Emergencies—a hurricane, blizzard, flood, etc.—often come with little to no warning. Stocking up now on the right non-perishable food items will help you weather the storm—or global pandemic—with less stress. For an all-in-one shortcut, you can order a great emergency kit and other emergency supplies from a company like Stealth Angel Survival. 

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