8 Reasons The Stealth Angel Kit Is The #1 Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it can be tough to think of a gift for dad that he’ll actually enjoy and appreciate. When you give your father the gift of survivability and preparation, you show him the depth of your love while guarding him and the people he cares about in the event of an emergency.

Reason #1 - It Could Save A Life

It’s never fun to think about worst-case scenarios. But the reality is, the world is a dangerous place… and difficult days are inevitable. When you gift your dad a Stealth Angel Survival Kit, that small action can one day result in a saved life -- whether it’s his or someone he cares about. Take care of your emergency preparedness needs while simultaneously giving dad a great Father’s Day present. It’s a win-win.

Reason #2 - It’s Something He Actually Wants

Dads are understanding, strong folks. When they get a “throwaway” gift, they’re unlikely to even let off a hint of dissatisfaction. That’s just the way they are, because ultimately it’s the thought that counts. With that said, it’s way more satisfying to give dad something that’s actually useful; and seeing that extra glint of excitement in his eyes when he opens his present makes Father’s Day just that much sweeter.

Reason #3 - It’s An Amazing Value

Stealth Angel has worked hard to offer the absolute best value survival kit on the market today. On the one hand, you could assemble all the items contained in the Survival Kit 3.0 yourself, and end up paying hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, you could order some junky, cheap emergency kit that’s not worth the paper it’s packed in. Stealth Angel offers the perfect balance of quality and affordability that makes sense to invest in and keep as a truly usable emergency option.

Reason #4 - Give Dad A Chance To Feel Like The Protector

When you gift dad a Stealth Angel Survival Kit, you’re implicitly acknowledging something that’s very important to him: that you see him as the protector of your family. It’s giving him the tools he needs to take charge and assume his role as the family guardian in the event of an emergency; and empowering dad to feel that way is one of the best ways you can validate his importance to your family on Father’s Day.

Reason #5 - Quality That Lasts

The Stealth Angel Survival Kit 3.0 was specifically designed to lay dormant in glove compartments, drawers, under seats, in garages, and tucked away in all manner of places until the day of need arrives. The items contained within won’t degrade, break down, rust, or become damaged from disuse. That means that Stealth Angel is an investment in the family’s safety, even if you practically forget that you have an emergency kit saved away for a fateful day.

Reason #6 - Brighten His Day… And Night

Is dad still using that junky old plastic flashlight that barely lights up even with those huge batteries? It’s time for an upgrade. The Stealth Angel Survival Kit 3.0 comes with a tactical flashlight that illuminates even the darkest night, offering lens focus and even an emergency strobe mode. Best of all, it’s extremely judicious with battery use, meaning you get 350 lumens of brightness without needing to constantly change the battery.

Reason #7 - It’s An Everyday Carry

Many people opt to use the Stealth Angel Survival Kit as an “EDC”, or everyday carry, rather than stashing it in a safe place. The thought process behind this is to stay ready for a disaster or emergency situation no matter where you are. We created Stealth Angel’s carrying case to be tough, waterproof, and slim enough to be used for this purpose, which means if dad wants, he can add this kit to his own “EDC” items.

Reason #8 - It’s 8 Gifts In 1!

When you get dad the Stealth Angel Survival Kit, you’re actually getting him 8 gifts in 1! The incredible versatility of our 3.0 version of this kit lets you combine tools and functions to achieve dozens of useful abilities, even in non-emergency situations. You make the call: will you get dad one gift, or eight? But why stop there? Pick up a second Stealth Angel Survival Kit for dad so that he’s got one to keep in his car, and you’ve added a ton of value and usefulness to his life, while showing him how much he means to yours.


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